Topshot with a Great Start to 2019

Topshot Aerial Photography Drone Videos

16 Tech Listing

Jackson IG wanted to collaborate and come up with a fun way to promote their newest listing near 16 Tech in downtown Indianapolis. We helped them include some renderings of the new project, illustrate nearby amenities, and some future developments that will be appealing to commercial buyers.

This video provides an opportunity to show the listing in ways never thought of before. Using drones allows us to get a birds eye view and editing that footage gives us the potential to tell a story in a quick video.

Next up: Vaughn Auctions

Vaughn Auctions wanted to figure out a way to take their listings up a notch with highly edited drone video. They had worked with previous drone companies but we received very positive feedback because we were able to consult and provide different ideas on how to market their listings.

After learning more about their auction listings and customer base, we decided to incorporate the parcel outlines. By “dropping” the outlines into the footage, the buyer can easily identify the boundaries and understand the layout.

Ground Up Timelapse in Louisville 

ARCO had us out to document and create a time-lapse for their very large project in Louisville.

These marketing pieces are becoming more and more popular because we are able to show the construction progress from multiple angles and heights compared to a static camera. 

Promotional Video 
GDI Construction is working with TopShot to market several buildings in Whitestown, Indiana.

By using drones, we are able to capture video at higher altitudes and use that footage to show several acres of the park. 

Economic Development Video 
Boone County had us help them on this project to showcase the Creekside Business Park development.

We wanted to get several different shots of the amenities within the business park to help show potential tenants or buyers.

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