Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones

What is Thermography?

Thermal infrared (IR) imaging is a valuable tool for inspecting and performing non-destructive testing of structural elements.
IR imaging makes it possible to detect where and how energy is leaking from a building’s envelope.   Continue reading “Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones”

Flying Out

You may have noticed that drones are becoming something of a common sight when homes go on the market. It’s safe to say there is somewhat of a marketing revolution underway in the real estate industry. Professionals are turning to drone photography and video to gain a marketing edge more frequently now than ever before. Continue reading “Flying Out”

Aerial Drone Imagery & the Insurance Industry

It is surprising how many different ways aerial drone imagery is being used today. We enjoy sharing the new and creative ways that our customers use TopShot aerial imagery.

Erie Insurance is one of Indiana’s largest insurance providers. Recently we provided them with imagery for an evidence remediation case. The products included:

• A high-resolution 2D map
• An interactive 3D map
• An aerial video that surveyed the entire site.
• Picture-in-picture frame that shows the flight path. Continue reading “Aerial Drone Imagery & the Insurance Industry”