Aerial Drones Have Great Curb Appeal!

Aerial drone video and photography are especially well suited for real estate marketing. It is attention-grabbing, interesting, informative, even exciting! Until recently, aerial video was far too expensive to justify for real estate sales but thanks to the rapid advancement of technology,  drones now make a great marketing tool for any type of real estate agent. 

TopShot’s out-of-state client portfolio continues to grow.  It’s great that word about TopShot’s services and quality products is spreading.

Goat Rocks Real Estate Solutions is an out-of-state client who asked us to provide them with some aerial drone video. The video is a key part of the marketing campaign for four properties. The video that we created shows off the beautiful setting of all four properties along with a personalized voice-over giving information as the video progresses. This is something our client wanted to incorporate into their video to stand out and he was thrilled with the end result. 

We’ve all heard the real estate mantra: “Location, location, location”. Where is the nearest park? What is traffic flow like? Are there any streets to avoid? Is there any commercial property nearby? These are some of the questions a potential buyer might ask when looking for a home. Aerial drone imagery is the perfect way to quickly answer a client’s questions about location.

TopShot’s aerial drone imagery is great value for your real estate marketing campaign. We love that our services help home-owners select their new home and help sellers get the word out. 

How can you use aerial drone video in your marketing campaign? Let’s get together and talk about your ideas. We are happy to provide our ideas and advice on this exciting new marketing technology.