Is there a more dramatic way to demonstrate progress on a building site than time-lapse photography? Our aerial drone photography and video services provide a striking approach to reporting progress on construction and development projects. (Read More)

At Topshot we are passionate about providing masterpiece productions that are sure to impress clients, family, friends and neighbors. Because of that passion there is a genuine “wow-factor” in every production we complete. (Read More)

TopShot is at the forefront of 2D and 3D mapping technology and can provide an effective supplemental visual aid for Contractors and similar trades.  Engineering and architecture industries quickly adopted these software-based modeling capabilities as a de facto standard for presentations and reporting.  (Read More)

Topshot’s aerial drone video and photography services are an exciting way to show off your project, add interest to your company’s literature and marketing portfolio or as a captivating sales follow up for clients you are hoping to land. (Read More)

Are you looking for a unique and attention-grabbing way to document an event or special occasion? Topshot has the tools and creative production teams to bring your ideas to life. (Read More)

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