Project Planning with Aerial Video

School is out!  While the kids and faculty are off having fun, schools may become a hive of activity for construction and infrastructure projects. We recently partnered with Hagerman Construction to monitor and record traffic patterns around Lawrence North High School.  We provided Hagerman Construction with a time-lapse video filmed from one of our TopShot aerial drones. Hagerman Construction used the video for making important logistics planning decisions.

The video (posted below) is quite fascinating because:

•It’s just a lot of fun, it’s like watching a beehive or ant colony at work.
•It reveals the traffic “hotspots” around the site at various times.

It’s that second item above that is so interesting. The TopShot video we created for Hagerman Construction reveals an opportunity that only aerial drone video and photography provides: Affordable time-lapse video of traffic patterns within an area of interest that can be used for project and event planning purposes.

The value that TopShot’s aerial drone photography brought to the Hagerman Construction project becomes obvious while watching the video: It provides great insight into the site entry and exit based on traffic patterns on surrounding streets.  This information allowed Hagerman Construction to determine the most efficient staging area for their project materials.

Business owners and managers may not be aware of the important information available using drone aerial video and photography.  TopShot’s aerial drone photography can deliver valuable planning information about traffic flow for long-term projects such as site renovations or short-term events such a concert.

Please give TopShot a call if you have a large project or an event planned where understanding the traffic patterns on surrounding streets are an important consideration. We love sharing our experience and ideas as well as uncovering new ideas about the value that aerial drone video and photography can bring to new projects.  The sky is literally the limit with TopShot.