Marketing Real Estate With Aerial Drone Video and Photography

topshot aerial photography custom home lots 1

TopShot recently completed a marketing project with Monteith-Legault Realty. Our shoot provided aerial views of a custom home lot and its surrounding landscape. Aerial drone video and photography is changing the marketing of real estate. Let’s take a look at how real estate agents and brokers can benefit from marketing with aerial drone imagery

Dramatic Eye-Catching Imagery Is Easy

Using modern aerial drones makes it very easy to capture dramatic video and photos. Many drones combine programmable GPS and point of interest camera targeting.

Exciting virtual tours

Imagine a marketing video that begins outdoors and then travels right into the home and tours every room in the house. There was a time when Hollywood dreamed of technology like this. Now it is easy for an expert like TopShot Aerial Photography to provide your prospective customers with this one-of-a-kind experience.

Combine imagery like this with music and voice-overs and your marketing package becomes a story!

Highlighting Those Features

Aerial drone video and photography allows you to capture important features outside and around the home. Bring your marketing package to life! Show off pools, walk-ways, surround property and parks.

Building Your Business.

When a prospective customer sees your use of aerial drone imagery it will show them you look for every advantage to sell. They will know you are going to make their property look outstanding!

It is a fact that marketing a great looking listing is going to sell. Aerial drone video and photography provides you with an edge in attracting new sellers.

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