How to Start your Own Drone Company

So you are passionate about your Aerial Photography and Videography hobby. You like your new drone and just love showing off the cool things it can do. If you are sharing your drone videos with friends and family or perhaps in social media you likely see a lot of positive responses. People seem to love watching videos shot from a drone with its bird’s eye view of the world below.

Have you considered that there are opportunities to earn money while you enjoy your hobby by creating drone videos and photos for business purposes?   You may be wondering what sort of steps are needed to turn your passion for creating drone videos into a money-maker.  Many drone video hobbyists have turned their passion for flying drones into a money-making enterprise; most are happy to give you the benefit of their own experience. The team at TopShot Aerial Photography is pleased that the interest in drone video and photography is growing at a rapid pace.  The rapid growth means that the field of drone video and photography is consistently flush with new ideas as more as more enthusiasts take to the air.

If you are interested in pursuing money-making opportunities with your drone video and photography hobby, then TopShot Aerial Photography recommends the following:

1. Establish your team – You will need one or more licensed pilots, editors, sales professionals and an insurance provider.  The field is highly regulated and that means you need to be Part 107 certified.

2. Find your niche – Determine your area(s) of interest and specialize.  You also need to identify who your customer is and what your customer wants. Once you find your niche, you will need to begin marketing. There are several marketing approaches based on the market you are chasing:

  • Email marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Knock on Construction Trailers
  • Drop into Real Estate offices
  • Create a crisp, efficient website that will attract the customer base that you are targeting.

3. Determine your start-up costs and any additional funding required – be sure to consider the basic costs such as email, marketing materials, a website, web-hosting and a dedicated phone number.

4. SCORE is an agency made up of retired corporate officers who volunteer to help start-ups plan for success. SCORE mentors are provided free of charge.  Consider contacting SCORE and requesting a business mentor.  SCORE also has a Web presence with lots of free online and classroom training courses.

5. Constantly work on improving your business and eliminate potential problems. Most people learn more by doing.

More information about our aerial drone photography and videography services:

TopShot pilots, editors, graphic designers and the executive team are passionate about creating masterpiece drone video productions for our clients.  We strive to provide a production that our customers will be proud to share with their potential clients and associates. Our high quality drone video productions make our client’s marketing campaigns a cut above all of their competitors, regardless of business, service or product.

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Each project is unique so one of our TopShot business development representatives will reach out to your Company to get as more information about your project to understand where we can create the most value for your company. We typically charge per flight and offer multi-flight discounts for on-going projects. We believe the best way to deliver a quality project that meets or exceeds expectations is to work with our clients on the front end. In addition, our team has developed repeat customers that we pair with specific pilots and editors where we are constantly improving with each photo or video to deliver consistent results.