Downtown Indianapolis: Sneak Peek

Project Background:
TopShot Aerial Photography is excited to feature a sneak peek of our video production that shows a few different features of downtown Indianapolis. One of our clients recently asked us to help them create a marketing piece for the Indianapolis Subcontractors Association “ISA” trade-show. We kicked around several ideas and ended up agreeing the best way to show case 10+ “Indy Famous” sites was to create an aerial fly-through video of our downtown community using Topshot drones. Since the marketing materials were for a trade-show, we decided to a shoot a longer video with simple transitions that we could play on a loop for the duration of the event. This project was unique for TopShot because we believe that a well edited short video (typically not exceeding 90 seconds) is more useful for marketing materials. However, in this case, a longer video was more appropriate because trade-show bystanders will spend more time in the booth.  The longer drone video production will give them as much content to view as possible.

One of our Topshot pilots was recently in downtown Indianapolis filming and created this quick edit to show some shots we are working on. We are extremely passionate about Indianapolis since it is where TopShot Aerial Photography originated; we are always looking for interesting ways to showcase the amazing things this city has to offer through our drone video productions. This drone video production gets things started with a flight down Meridian Street.  The drone then flies past University Park, the Salesforce Tower and then on to our beautiful Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the Circle. The drone video then “flies” you toward the new Cummins building and the Market 360 Tower. It is the strength and quality of these companies that makes Indianapolis a great place for young professionals just starting their careers.

We are working on several other projects that include showcasing downtown Indianapolis and the wonderful amenities it has to offer. The amount of construction that seems to be constantly in progress in our city is  truly amazing. We are in a very exciting and innovative time in Indianapolis with all the technology and small business start ups. What better way to showcase and continue recruiting talent than by giving the community a drone video production that encompasses all of the exciting activity in our city? We are proud to provide this drone video production that will help promote and encourage long term growth in our city.

The production will be shown at the annual ISA trade-show on a playback loop for Patriot Engineering. We will be joining them at the trade-show to help create more traffic to their booth and look forward to talking with other Contractors in our community that are looking for a new way to showcase and promote their past work or current projects. Topshot video drone productions help businesses to connect visually with the community which in turn boosts our local  economy. We are dedicated to improving, innovating and continuously serving the Indianapolis and surrounding communities using our drone video productions.

More information about our aerial drone photography and videography services:

Our true passion with our drones is taking aerial photography and aerial videography and using our experienced TopShot editors, custom graphics, and professional team to create a custom video masterpiece that our customers can share with their potential clients, Indianapolis neighbors, friends, and family. We at TopShot understand that a high quality video takes a company’s marketing department to the next level and positions them ahead of their competition for any business, service, or product. Check out some of our other videos on our video Blog.

Each project is unique so one of our TopShot business development representatives will reach out to your Company to get as more information about your project to understand where we can create the most value for your company. We typically charge per flight and offer multi-flight discounts for on-going projects. We believe the best way to deliver a quality project that meets or exceeds expectations is to work with our clients on the front end. In addition, our team has developed repeat customers that we pair with specific pilots and editors where we are constantly improving with each photo or video to deliver consistent results.

TopShot Captures Construction of Starbucks

The TimeLapse below was captured in Avon, IN over the period of four months. The video features shots from various points in the Ground-Up construction project. The intent was to monitor the site monthly (and sometimes weekly) to provide updates to Capital Construction. The team was able to provide pictures so that the executives could monitor the project and provide deliverables to their clients.  This video was produced exclusively in house by the professional editing team at TopShot Aerial Photography.


Construction and building companies are jumping at the opportunity have their site photographed on a weekly or monthly basis. In the highly competitive Indianapolis environment having a time-lapsed photo will be crucial to marketing strategy and will offer tremendous value to the builder while reducing the work-site liability.

For these types of projects, TopShot works directly with the project managers to understand where we can create the most value for your company. We typically charge per flight and offer multi-flight discounts for on-going projects. Request a quote for your project today.


We pride ourselves on communication with our clients and provide various pictures from our aerial photography to keep them in the loop. This helps when our clients are coordinating with multiple people within their company and to those external third parties on the construction project. It is amazing the views you can get with a DJI quadcopter  drone from above!

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TopShot in the Indianapolis Community

At TopShot Aerial Photography we pride ourselves in being involved in our Indianapolis community. In September, we had two events in which we donated our drone services and time to help capture some beauty from the sky. First, we helped out with the 2nd Annual ‘Dine on the Causeway’ in the video below. Then we captured some aerial photographs of the Indianapolis ‘Walk to Defeat ALS’

The 2nd Annual Dine on the Causeway had a great turnout!

Fort Wayne Indiana- Commercial Real Estate

TopShot made the trip up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to capture this 4K footage for our long-time client, Jackson Investment Group. One of our editors from Butler University did a fantastic job editing the footage to be very informational and we cannot help but like the catchy background tunes.

407 W. Coliseum Boulevard

For more information on this listing, contact Bart Jackson at or 317-370-0983

Hard to believe, but did you know Fort Wayne, IN was named the best place in the country to raise a family?  Check out this article from WNDU: Fort Wayne Voted Best Place to Raise a Family.

Commercial Real Estate Space in Carmel Indiana

Resource Commercial Real Estate brought us back out to Carmel, Indiana to fly over this commercial real estate property for sale. Our Indianapolis based team is familiar with all the roundabouts in Carmel but there is a really interesting shot around 45 seconds where you can see about around six of roundabouts looking down Main Street. From this fantastic aerial view, captured by our DJI Mavic Pro in 4K, we are able to see the traffic patterns and how close this location is to US-31 as well as numerous apartments and businesses.

Part of Carmel’s new Grand & Main $80M residential and hotel project with over 1,500 apartments in less than 1 mile radius and over 60,000 employees in 5 minute drive time. For more information contact Beth Patterson at 317-663-6558

Indy Realty Pics- Customer Report Card

We are excited to see that our customers continue to be satisfied! Thanks Kelly Gray and Indy Realty Pics for the feedback.

TopShot_AP_Client_Report_Card- Kelly Gray



Indy Realty Pics

DID WE MEET YOR EXPECTATIONS? Yes, Andrew is professional and great with customers 

COMMENTS: We use Top Shot for all our Drone photography needs. They are both timely and accommodating. The photographs are high resolution and show the property from many different angles and varying heights.

Thanks Kelly,

TopShot Aerial Photography



5996 W. 600S. NewPal

This is a residential listing we did for a real estate agent in New Palestine, IN. This location had several other buildings on the property including a barn and shed. The residential real estate agent was worried photographs alone wouldn’t be able to show the buyers how beautiful this property was. Needless to say, they were blown away with the overall results showing the property, buildings, and interior shots. 

Former Sears Avon

Our commercial real estate client came to us and wanted to really show the surrounding retail for his potential buyers. We thought the best way would be to drop a logo of all the major retailers in the area around the listing. Not only were we able to show the high amount of large volume retailers in the area, but also the traffic patterns, and parking spaces for the listing. The client was thrilled with the overall product. 

Drone Tour // 5101 West 38th Street // Indianapolis, IN

For this video, our client wanted to show the close proximity to I-465 and I-65 but also the traffic exposure for potential retail real estate clients. We also were able to capture the different zoning areas throughout the site. This is very important in the commercial real estate world.