Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones

What is Thermography?

Thermal infrared (IR) imaging is a valuable tool for inspecting and performing non-destructive testing of structural elements.
IR imaging makes it possible to detect where and how energy is leaking from a building’s envelope.   Continue reading “Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones”

Marketing Real Estate with Aerial Drone Video and Photography

TopShot recently completed a marketing project with Monteith-Legault Realty. Our shoot provided aerial views of a custom home lot and its surrounding landscape. Aerial drone video and photography is changing the marketing of real estate. Let’s take a look at how real estate agents and brokers can benefit from marketing with aerial drone imagery Continue reading “Marketing Real Estate with Aerial Drone Video and Photography”

Flying Out

You may have noticed that drones are becoming something of a common sight when homes go on the market. It’s safe to say there is somewhat of a marketing revolution underway in the real estate industry. Professionals are turning to drone photography and video to gain a marketing edge more frequently now than ever before. Continue reading “Flying Out”

Drone Video is A Hole In One

The various uses of aerial drone video and photography is amazing. This article examines how aerial drone video is changing the golf industry. TopShot recently provided aerial drone video to TeeOff used the video for a marketing campaign. Jack Barfell explains why aerial drone video is so effective in golf:

“This type of creative content allows golf course owners to showcase their facilities in a unique and memorable way. Being able to have a birds eye view of a golf course allows players to really get a feel for the course without actually touching foot on the first tee. Content like this gets people excited to golf.” – Jack Barfell,

This is a technology-driven world. Golf gives players and enthusiasts a connection back to nature. Aerial drone video and photography is a union of technology and nature.


A golf course is a business, and its success depends on the number of members and golfers who use the course. Today, most golfers look online to select a new course to play. Aerial drone video provides a great way to showcase golf course features. The video provides a quick and exciting view of the golf course’s enticing features. Golf courses that use aerial drone video for marketing are seeing increased business.

The Interactive Experience:

Golfers are looking for that edge to determine which club to use when setup for a particular shot. Aerial drones can map the course to provide golfers with an interactive experience. This provides the golfer with an opportunity to decrease their strokes on the course. Such a feature may be a deciding factor for a golfer who wants to join a club.

Golf Course Maintenance and Cost:

Maintaining a course’s beauty comes at a high cost for maintenance. Aerial drone video can provide great insight into the health of various parts of the course. Aerial drones are also used to analyze irrigation and health unseen with the naked eye. These visual tools help course management determine several things such as:

  • Plant health
  • Where to focus attention
  • Necessary skills
  • Number of workers needed
Visual Aid For Planning:

Aerial drone video provides course management with a detailed history of the course. This is especially useful in determining which treatments are bringing the best result. This is a valuable aid in determining where money is best spent.

Enjoy viewing the short video we created for (see below). Course managers will see the potential aerial drone video brings to course management. Golfers will also see how aerial drone video is changing the game of golf. Do you have a project that may benefit from aerial drone video and photography? Please give TopShot a call. We love talking about the possibilities this technology brings. Sometimes we even hear a new idea or two.

Aerial Drone Video Flies High in Real Estate & Development

Aerial drone video technology is HUGE in real estate and development marketing. Why is that?  Well, it’s easy to see the benefits this technology brings to marketing. Campaigns using this media and technology provide their target audience with dramatic views. People love seeing an aerial video; it gives the viewer a sense of the freedom of flying. This is an exciting media experience that was previously cost prohibitive.

The Aerial drone industry is booming thanks to its use in real estate and development. Drone sales soared to 10 million units last year.  Sales are expected to exceed 30 million by 2021.

The projected growth for the use of drone technology in real estate are eye-opening:

  • The National Associate of Realtors reports 44% of their members have made use of drones for marketing.
  • The Canadian Real Estate Association reports a similar impact of drones used for marketing campaigns.

Drones have transformed real estate marketing when it comes to listing a property. There is no question that drone technology has made drone aerial imagery commonplace.

TopShot recently began working with a large real estate development company.  Our client asked us to help them showcase their 12.34-acre site in Whitestown, Indiana.

  • The goal was to give the viewer a feel for the rapid business expansion taking place along the I-65 corridor.
  • Take a look at the video (below) that we created for our client. The TopShot production team edited and added a soundtrack to the video shot by our pilots.  We also created the still shots for this marketing campaign.

Think about the marketing possibilities for your business and call us.  We would love an opportunity to speak with you about your ideas.

Aerial Drones Have Great Curb Appeal!

Aerial drone video and photography are especially well suited for real estate marketing. It is attention-grabbing, interesting, informative, even exciting! Until recently, aerial video was far too expensive to justify for real estate sales but thanks to the rapid advancement of technology,  drones now make a great marketing tool for any type of real estate agent. 

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