Aerial Drone Video Flies High in Real Estate & Development

Aerial drone video technology is HUGE in real estate and development marketing. Why is that?  Well, it’s easy to see the benefits this technology brings to marketing. Campaigns using this media and technology provide their target audience with dramatic views. People love seeing an aerial video; it gives the viewer a sense of the freedom of flying. This is an exciting media experience that was previously cost prohibitive.

The Aerial drone industry is booming thanks to its use in real estate and development. Drone sales soared to 10 million units last year.  Sales are expected to exceed 30 million by 2021.

The projected growth for the use of drone technology in real estate are eye-opening:

  • The National Associate of Realtors reports 44% of their members have made use of drones for marketing.
  • The Canadian Real Estate Association reports a similar impact of drones used for marketing campaigns.

Drones have transformed real estate marketing when it comes to listing a property. There is no question that drone technology has made drone aerial imagery commonplace.

TopShot recently began working with a large real estate development company.  Our client asked us to help them showcase their 12.34-acre site in Whitestown, Indiana.

  • The goal was to give the viewer a feel for the rapid business expansion taking place along the I-65 corridor.
  • Take a look at the video (below) that we created for our client. The TopShot production team edited and added a soundtrack to the video shot by our pilots.  We also created the still shots for this marketing campaign.

Think about the marketing possibilities for your business and call us.  We would love an opportunity to speak with you about your ideas.

Aerial Drones Have Great Curb Appeal!

Aerial drone video and photography are especially well suited for real estate marketing. It is attention-grabbing, interesting, informative, even exciting! Until recently, aerial video was far too expensive to justify for real estate sales but thanks to the rapid advancement of technology,  drones now make a great marketing tool for any type of real estate agent. 

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Prepare for Liftoff!

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is becoming an important resource in the construction industry. UAVs provide builders and customers an unprecedented view as their project progresses.

We’ve all seen UAVs flown by hobbyists in neighborhood parks. A UAV, when flown by a skillful, licensed pilot, provides professional images and video that until now were far too costly to consider.

TopShot enjoys working with Capitol Construction – We recently created a portfolio of UAV aerial and ground images for their Ed Martin project.   Take a look at the images in the carousel below. These images were used for a project promotion package during their grand opening.  TopShot has made a name for themselves in aerial imagery and for this project, we also provided the ground-level images.

Project Planning with Aerial Video

School is out!  While the kids and faculty are off having fun, schools may become a hive of activity for construction and infrastructure projects. We recently partnered with Hagerman Construction to monitor and record traffic patterns around Lawrence North High School.  We provided Hagerman Construction with a time-lapse video filmed from one of our TopShot aerial drones. Hagerman Construction used the video for making important logistics planning decisions. Continue reading “Project Planning with Aerial Video”

Rebuild Indy

TopShot helps Rebuilding Together® Indianapolis

“I think it gives us faith and a sense of community.”  In the video below Yvonne Kirk talks about the positive, transformative impact that Rebuilding Together has had on the Norwood Twin community.  Yvonne is a long-term resident of Norwood Twin and tells us about how a little bit of work goes a long way toward fostering a sense of pride and goodwill within her community. Continue reading “Rebuild Indy”