Big Things are Happening in Fishers Indiana

BIG Things are Happening in Fishers, Indiana.

Fishers used to be a sleepy little town just off of Interstate 69 with lots of surrounding farmland that was mostly in disuse.  That was back in the good ol’ days when the barbershop had one of those swirling red, white and blue striped poles out front.

The Fishers community is undergoing rapid expansion with new businesses and opportunities opening up daily.  According to Money Magazine,  Fishers is currently the best place to live in the United States.  If you visited Fishers just two years ago and returned today you would scarcely recognize the place. TopShot has played something of an ambassador role in this explosion of opportunity. We are excited about the way Fisher is changing. Not only is Fishers full of new business opportunities, but it’s a great place to live.

@Cushman Wakefield recently asked TopShot to provide a “bird’s eye view” video of the Riverwalk Fishers Development for a marketing campaign.  TopShot had the latitude to be creative on this project; we implemented a conceptual design-plan overlay the construction that is already underway.  We were eager to show off the amenities and beauty that the Fishers area offers, and persuade companies who may be considering a move that Fishers is a great choice!