ARCO Time-Lapsed Drone Video Production

TopShot Aerial Photography is happy to showcase one of our longer duration drone video productions.

ARCO called us in the Spring of 2017 to review their requirements for this project.  ARCO wanted a time-lapse video production to capture work on their building site as it progressed over eight months.  The project was unlike any drone video production created within the Aerial Photography or Drone Industry and we were eager to begin. The customer’s goal for this drone video project was to provide an aerial view of their project site as it progressed through the stages of construction. TopShot’s time-lapse production shows all stages from ground breaking to final completion of the clients building project.  Drone video was employed to capture the construction site as it progressed toward completion.

Our clients have discovered that a time-lapse drone video is a great way to keep owners, contractors and others informed of the progression through the various construction phases.  A TopShot time-lapse drone video production is also an impressive sales tool for prospective clients.

TopShot’s FFA certified drones enable us to provide a valuable service and production to our clients while staying out of everyone’s way on the building site.  Our time-lapse drone video productions provide a bird’s eye view of important site details that simply cannot be seen from the ground.

ARCO worked with Scannell Properties on this building.

Property Features:

  • 232,500 SF Speculative Warehouse
  • Concrete Tiltwall and conventional steel frame construction
  • 32’ clear height
  • 45 mil mechanically attached TPO roof on R20 insulation
  • 7” unreinforced, 4000 psi concrete slab, 700 psi flexural strength
  • (2) 80/20 Gas Fired Make Up Air Units
  • (4) Exhaust Fans and (4) Louver’s for 1.7 air changes per hour summer ventilation
  • ESFR Fire Protection
  • Domestic and sanitary plumbing installed to future office locations
  • (16) 9×10 OH doors
  • Designed to Accommodate Single or Multi-Tenant Use

Contractor schedules make coordinating a project like this challenging indeed.

TopShot Aerial Photography starts by reviewing the target site and creating a detailed flight plan that will capture all of the development that our client wants to showcase.

ARCO wanted to show more steel being erected in the drone video production.  TopShot programmed the drone to operate in those key areas in order to capture that progression. We also coordinated  very closely with the contractor during the steel phase.  The coordination ensured our planned schedule would show an even progression in the time-lapse drone video production. TopShot coordinated with the steel contractor realized that the bi-weekly visit we scheduled early in the project was not sufficient because the steel phase was completed in a matter of days.

We shot drone videos over the course of eight months until we finally had everything we needed to start the editing.  TopShot’s use of multiple drones and multiple angles along with variations in daylight and weather made the scope of the editing phase of the time-lapse drone video production significantly larger than anticipated.   TopShot Aerial Photography is fortunate to have an amazing editing team.  The team stretched, masked and polished the drone videos into an impressive, well-crafted production for our client.

Through a combination of careful planning, skillful piloting, expert editing, and close coordinating, we finished the project on time and within budget. The team at ARCO was extremely accommodating and invaluable in coordinating our drone video activities with the various contractors who were involved in their building project.  We look forward to future projects with ARCO and serving other Indianapolis contractors with time-lapse drone video production for their ground-up construction projects.

As stated previously, when we took this project on in the spring of 2017, there was no precedent for a time-lapse drone video production – nobody in the Aerial Photography or Drone Industry had produced anything like it.  TopShot’s work on the ARCO project along with our other time-lapse drone video productions make TopShot Aerial Photography peerless for this type of project.

More information about our aerial drone photography and videography services:

TopShot pilots, editors, graphic designers and the executive team are passionate about creating masterpiece drone video productions for our clients.  We strive to provide a production that our customers will be proud to share with their potential clients and associates. Our high quality drone video productions make our client’s marketing campaigns a cut above all of their competitors, regardless of business, service or product.

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