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Topshot with a Great Start to 2019

16 Tech Listing Jackson IG wanted to collaborate and come up with a fun way to promote their newest listing near 16 Tech in downtown Indianapolis. We helped them include some renderings of the new project, illustrate nearby amenities, and some future developments that will be appealing to commercial buyers. Next up: Vaughn Auctions Vaughn Auctions wanted … Continue reading “Topshot with a Great Start to 2019”

The 2018 Monumental Awards

The Indy Chamber’s Monumental Awards celebrates the business environment in the Indy region. The Monumental Awards is one of the ways in which the Indy Chamber showcases the economic development growth of Metro Indy.

Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones

What is Thermography? Thermal infrared (IR) imaging is a valuable tool for inspecting and performing non-destructive testing of structural elements. IR imaging makes it possible to detect where and how energy is leaking from a building’s envelope.  

Marketing Real Estate with Aerial Drone Video and Photography

TopShot recently completed a marketing project with Monteith-Legault Realty. Our shoot provided aerial views of a custom home lot and its surrounding landscape. Aerial drone video and photography is changing the marketing of real estate. Let’s take a look at how real estate agents and brokers can benefit from marketing with aerial drone imagery

Aerial Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry

Alderson Commercial Group recently asked TopShot to help them update their portfolio.  We covered eight different locations and projects around Indianapolis that Alderson wanted to show off.  This got us talking about the interesting ways aerial drones are changing the construction industry.

Flying Out

You may have noticed that drones are becoming something of a common sight when homes go on the market. It’s safe to say there is somewhat of a marketing revolution underway in the real estate industry. Professionals are turning to drone photography and video to gain a marketing edge more frequently now than ever before.

Aerial Drone Photography is Above It All

Aerial drone photography is now a marketing tool of choice for a variety of industries. Drone technology is still new and evolving rapidly.  The sky is truly the limit for this technology as a marketing tool for various industries.

Drone Video is A Hole In One

The various uses of aerial drone video and photography is amazing. This article examines how aerial drone video is changing the golf industry. TopShot recently provided aerial drone video to TeeOff used the video for a marketing campaign. Jack Barfell explains why aerial drone video is so effective in golf: "This type of creative … Continue reading "Drone Video is A Hole In One"

Aerial Drone Video: Indy is The Place To Be!

Aerial drone video and photography make such a fantastic marketing tool. Can you think of a more dramatic, attention-grabbing way to present a location or an area than a bird’s eye flyover?

From the Dirt Guys to the Painters

Drone aerial video and photography and commercial real estate are a match made in heaven. There is a myriad of uses from project management to safety implementation. Let’s face it; aerial video and photography look really cool. Cool imagery attracts interest. People love that sense of flying up and above it all.

Aerial Drone Video Flies High in Real Estate & Development

Aerial drone video technology is HUGE in real estate and development marketing. Why is that?  Well, it's easy to see the benefits this technology brings to marketing. Campaigns using this media and technology provide their target audience with dramatic views. People love seeing an aerial video; it gives the viewer a sense of the freedom … Continue reading "Aerial Drone Video Flies High in Real Estate & Development"

Aerial Drones Have Great Curb Appeal!

Aerial drone video and photography are especially well suited for real estate marketing. It is attention-grabbing, interesting, informative, even exciting! Until recently, aerial video was far too expensive to justify for real estate sales but thanks to the rapid advancement of technology,  drones now make a great marketing tool for any type of real estate … Continue reading “Aerial Drones Have Great Curb Appeal!”

Prepare for Liftoff!

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is becoming an important resource in the construction industry. UAVs provide builders and customers an unprecedented view as their project progresses. We’ve all seen UAVs flown by hobbyists in neighborhood parks. A UAV, when flown by a skillful, licensed pilot, provides professional images and video that until now were far … Continue reading “Prepare for Liftoff!”

Big Things are Happening in Fishers Indiana

BIG Things are Happening in Fishers, Indiana. Fishers used to be a sleepy little town just off of Interstate 69 with lots of surrounding farmland that was mostly in disuse.  That was back in the good ol’ days when the barbershop had one of those swirling red, white and blue striped poles out front.

Project Planning with Aerial Video

School is out!  While the kids and faculty are off having fun, schools may become a hive of activity for construction and infrastructure projects. We recently partnered with Hagerman Construction to monitor and record traffic patterns around Lawrence North High School.  We provided Hagerman Construction with a time-lapse video filmed from one of our TopShot … Continue reading “Project Planning with Aerial Video”

Rebuild Indy

TopShot helps Rebuilding Together® Indianapolis “I think it gives us faith and a sense of community.”  In the video below Yvonne Kirk talks about the positive, transformative impact that Rebuilding Together has had on the Norwood Twin community.  Yvonne is a long-term resident of Norwood Twin and tells us about how a little bit of … Continue reading “Rebuild Indy”

Louisville Snap Shots

During our trip down to Louisville to capture a timelapse project for ARCO, our TopShot pilot stopped to take some candid drone photos of the surrounding area.

8597 Galey Dr – Ninevah, IN 46164

TopShot created this drone tour for a small property in Ninevah, Indiana. 8597 Galey Drive is a beautiful property that was in need of some extra marketing to allow for better visibility in the marketplace.

Drone Tour – Geist Station – Indianapolis, IN

This drone tour was done for Resource Commercial Real Estate at Geist Station in Indianapolis, Indiana. The drone tour was used to lease available space throughout Geist Station.

Fort Wayne Indiana- Commercial Real Estate

TopShot made the trip up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to capture this 4K footage for our long-time client, Jackson Investment Group.

Commercial Real Estate Space in Carmel Indiana

Resource Commercial Real Estate brought us back out to Carmel, Indiana to fly over this commercial real estate property for sale. Our Indianapolis based team is familiar with all the roundabouts in Carmel but there is a really interesting shot around 45 seconds where you can see about around six of roundabouts looking down Main Street. … Continue reading "Commercial Real Estate Space in Carmel Indiana"

Drone Tour of Carmel Commercial Real Estate

Resource Commercial Real Estate hired us to fly over this fantastic location and grab some really great footage in Carmel, Indiana.  This site is near prominent businesses and easy accessible from all over the city for its future employees and customers. Also some really great editing work from the folks at resource; this place is … Continue reading "Drone Tour of Carmel Commercial Real Estate"

Carmel Homeowner’s Going Away Video to Spouse

This Carmel homeowner was getting ready to move and wanted something they could hold on to and watch when they missed their old home. We put this piece together for them and they loved it. This home is so beautiful that it is no wonder they wanted to remember it!

5996 W. 600S. NewPal

This is a residential listing we did for a real estate agent in New Palestine, IN. This location had several other buildings on the property including a barn and shed. The residential real estate agent was worried photographs alone wouldn’t be able to show the buyers how beautiful this property was. Needless to say, they … Continue reading "5996 W. 600S. NewPal"

Drone Tour // Accelerator 1 // Flagship Park, Anderson

This was a recent listing we completed for RCRE. The client wanted to showcase the large industrial park, inside the warehouse, and the close proximity to I-69. Drones are a great way to showcase your commercial real estate without paying high dollar for a plane flyover. Several timelapses show the traffic, building, and operation in … Continue reading "Drone Tour // Accelerator 1 // Flagship Park, Anderson"

Drone Tour // 5101 West 38th Street // Indianapolis, IN

For this video, our client wanted to show the close proximity to I-465 and I-65 but also the traffic exposure for potential retail real estate clients. We also were able to capture the different zoning areas throughout the site. This is very important in the commercial real estate world.

Drone Tour | Campus at Washington | Downtown Indianapolis

This was a unique shot because it was downtown Indianapolis and was within 4 miles of many airports/helipads in Indy. In order to do this, our sUAS pilots must contact the nearest ATC tower and get clearance. RCRE is one of our long-time clients, and we wanted to help them show the most of the … Continue reading "Drone Tour | Campus at Washington | Downtown Indianapolis"