Aerial Photography

Whether you have commercial or residential real estate property sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System), commonly known as drones, offer a unique perspective to potential buyers evaluating your property. Our high definition cameras and experienced drone pilots are able to collect drone photographs at variety of angles and vantage points.

Many Indianapolis based companies have hired us to photograph their property and surrounding area or a particular event to illustrate to their customers exactly where they are located or the beauty and value that can only be captured from above the tree line.

Time-lapse Photography

Construction and building companies are jumping at the opportunity have their site photographed on a weekly or monthly basis. In the highly competitive Indianapolis environment having a time-lapsed photo will be crucial to marketing strategy and will offer tremendous value to the builder while reducing the work-site liability.

For these types of projects, TopShot works directly with the project managers to understand where we can create the most value for your company. We typically charge per drone flight and offer multi-flight discounts for on-going projects. Request a quote for your project today.

Video & Photo Editing

Our true passion with our drones is taking aerial photography and aerial videography and using our experienced  TopShot editors, custom graphics, and professional team to create a custom video masterpiece that our customers can share with their potential clients, Indianapolis neighbors, friends, and family.

We at TopShot understand that a high quality drone video takes a company’s marketing department to the next level and positions them ahead of their competition for any business, service, or product. Check out some of our recent videos on our video Blog.



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